Innovation in shore approaches

In search for new and effective ways for installing pipelines and cables, Gebr. van Leeuwen Boringen B.V. developed a new and innovative technique, called Direct Drill®. The principle of Direct Drilling is based on common known and proven technologies as Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) and Microtunneling. However, Direct Drill® combines best of both worlds by providing economical and ecological advantages which Microtunneling and HDD don't provide separately. Direct Drill® is characterized by a continuous drilling process of pipes/sleeve pipe for cables from 6" up to 24". The foreseen pipeline/sleeve pipe will be installed in one single step. From a rig site based onshore.

Trenchless pipeline laying

In case of shore approaches there is no need for jack up vessels, cofferdams which results in significant savings. Direct drilling is an innovation in trenchless cable laying and pipeline construction and has ecological and economical advantages compared to existing drilling techniques.

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Ecological advantages

  • Only one worksite (rig site) necessary;
  • No construction transportations as there is no second worksite (Access to one side of crossing is sufficient);
  • Less to minimal consumption of drilling fluids.